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New York Times backed looks to flip Flipboard users

A competitor to the news aggregator application Flipboard launched last month. The New York Times partnered with the creators of to find links that are being widely circulated and have aggregated the news in their new service called

I adopted Flipboard the same week I got my iPad (Side Note: You’ll Flip for Flipboard) and it is one of my daily stops. I love the layout, the vast array of news sources and access to Twitter content from newsmakers and reporters.  Best of all, it’s free! This brings me to my biggest complaint with, they are charging 99 cents per week for free Twitter content.  Also, only allows me to follow the Twitter stream of other users. Flipboard allows me to follow those same Twitter streams for free.

It appears that the biggest advantage to is that you can read full articles from The New York Times without advertising. Although, I found it funny that one of the links I found today on (during my free trial week) announced the two Webby and two People’s Voice Awards won by Flipboard

So, I don’t expect to survive in its current form, there are three things can do to encourage me to give it a second chance.

  • Timely news – The majority of Flipboard is relying on sources I’ve selected to update news. So, my news feed is as timely as my friends speed to post news.
  • Diverse sources – I follow BBC News, CNN (love that app too!), USA Today and the The Denver Post. If will provide information from these sources and more instead of the Twitter feed of other users, my interest would be piqued.
  • Prioritize my news feed – needs to develop an algorithm that will give me the most relevant news first instead of whatever was the most recent post.

I don’t know if I would pay 99 cents per week for these improvements, but I know as my free trial ends today, it’s so long, farewell, goodbye to

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File This Under “What Were They Thinking?”

I’m jumping on the “Are there any women in Apple marketing?” bandwagon that Brooke Hammerling (@bhammerling) started yesterday in regard to the iPad. (Yes. I realize I’m a little late, but this was the earliest I could sit down and write this!)

I have no idea what Apple was thinking when they named their latest product, but they clearly didn’t run it by any focus groups that included women. If they had, I imagine the feedback would have been negative.

But now that the iPad is out, we can enjoy humorous comments like the following on PR Newser:

“All I know is that if I can buy it from a vending machine in the washroom, it’ll be damn convenient.”- nankevans

Funny stuff!

But in all seriousness, I’m a big fan of Apple products and I have no doubt that the iPad will be a big hit. We’ll all probably get used to the name and it won’t be such a hoot in the near future.

However, the lesson to be learned here is that Apple, being the huge corporation that it is with a good reputation for putting out quality products, can get over a silly naming gaffe. But other businesses may not be so lucky. A situation such as this could cause smaller, lesser know companies to fall flat on their faces, no matter how awesome their product. Take note when the big guys stumble to ensure you don’t make the same mistake.

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