New Twitter front page: What’s it all about?

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By now, you’re probably aware that Twitter has completely redesigned its front page. (If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.) But do you know why they changed it? Apparently, the update is meant to help those visitors new to Twitter navigate the site. But to help break it down further, I turned to PR 2.0, which provided the following:

1)    The new homepage helps provide a frame of reference, helps set expectations and offers a lens into the conversations populating Twitter.
2)    There is now an emphasis on search, which enables new users to easily find conversations that are related to the keywords that are important to them.
3)    Popular topics are now broken down by the minute, day and week, enabling user to see what others are talking about “right now.”

“This move, while in the works for quite some time, follows the release of the Twitter 101 guide designed to help businesses embrace and leverage the power of Twitter and the Tweets that fuel the new media revolution,” explains Brian Solis of PR 2.0. Twitter 101, A Special Guide was released by Twitter last month. A link entitled “Business” can be found at the bottom of every Twitter page and will bring you to the guide.

Overall, the emphasis on search is what I think is the most noteworthy difference. The search box and popular topics are the main focal points, which should help new visitors better understand Twitter’s uses and benefits, and ideally encourage them to use the social media tool.

So, go forth and check out the new Twitter front page. Tell us what you think. If you’re not already a user, did you find it helpful? Does it make you want to be a Twitterer?

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